Higher: 100 Years of Boeing


In the past century, The Boeing Company has gone from a small local business, making canvas-and-wood seaplanes in a converted boathouse, to the world’s largest aerospace company. The story of Boeing and the aerospace industry is filled with the struggles and triumph’s of people with the passion to do what has never been done before. In Higher: 100 Years of Boeing, author Russ Banham tells about the people and products that built a company whose name is synonymous with flight around the world. This is the engrossing story of the first 100 years of an enterprise and industry like no other-one that has defended the free world, put men on the moon, and changed the way humans live on Earth-and peek into what tomorrow may bring.

This gorgeous book is filled with inside stories and rare photographs detailing the history of the companies that make up today’s Boeing-including Douglas, Hughes, McDonnell, North American Aviation, and more-and how they transformed the world we live in. Available only from the Boeing Store, the deluxe edition contains 64 pages of rare photographs not included in the standard retail edition and includes a special dust jacket and slipcase.

The Higher: 100 Years of Boeing book is normally $49.00. However, to celebrate our centennial year, the book is currently available at 25% off.

Russ_BanhamBest-selling author, award-winning journalist and experienced public speaker, Russ Banham is widely considered the foremost chronicler of Corporate America. In addition to composing the histories of some of the largest, best-known companies in the world, Mr. Banham has written more than 4,000 articles for over 50 business publications, including Forbes, Inc., Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and The Economist.





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