Custom Hangar Spotlight: DC-9/MD-80 JT8D Engine Wine Bar

Bar Final_1

Friends and family will want what you’re having when you invite them to join you at this unique beverage bar made from a genuine DC-9/MD-80 Pratt & Whitney JT8D LPT engine case. Our craftspeople polished the aluminum and steel parts by hand and applied a gleaming chrome powder-coated finish to the pieces. The specially fabricated curved stainless-steel bar surface is perfect for serving beverages and snacks, and a sturdy shelf inside is wide enough to hold two rows of wine bottles. Adjustable feet keep the bar steady on most floor surfaces.

The Douglas DC-9 airliner entered service in December 1965. Powered by two rear-mounted Pratt & Whitney JT8D turbofan engines, the airplane served airline and military customers for nearly five decades. The DC-9-80 was renamed the MD-80, the first jet airliner with the MD designation. McDonnell Douglas built nearly 1,200 MD-80s.

This stylish bar would be perfect for holiday entertaining. A Custom Hangar plaque and Certificate of Authenticity are included. The bar measures 42 inches high by 70 inches wide and weighs about 92 pounds. It is currently available for purchase in our online store at Please contact our Custom Hangar shopping concierge at for questions or to place an order.

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Boeing has partnered with some of the finest brands in the world-including Schott, Steiff, and Bremont-to create custom items for ultimate fans. Wait until you see who we’re teaming up with next!

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