Get smart! This luggage takes care of you

Travel is about to get a lot easier. Boeing Store is pleased to offer the amazing Bluesmart carry-on bag, the world’s first smart suitcase. This attractive 22” rolling bag keeps your belongings tracked, devices charged, and bag secure.

Bluesmart luggage features TSA-compliant technology and is equipped with built-in global 3G + GPS location tracking so you can track your suitcase anywhere in the world directly from the app (no subscription or pay-per-lookup required). The app also enables you to track your flight and receive updates. It has a rechargeable TSA-compliant 10,000-mAh battery with two USB ports for charging two devices at once; you can easily access your electronics from a protected compartment at the front of the suitcase. A built-in scale in the handle tells you whether your luggage is overweight—just lift your bag, and the app will display the weight. Control the digital bag lock from your phone or backup key; if you’re out of Bluetooth range, the bag will send you a message and lock itself. The durable mixed hard/soft shell of the bag is made from polycarbonate and polyester; the interior is lined with nylon interior. It weighs just over 9 pounds. The Bluesmart 22” carry-on is available from Boeing Store.


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