Custom Hangar spotlight: Shining a light on aviation history

Boeing Store 11-2-156962 Final

The mighty 747 jumbo jet is arguably the most recognizable commercial airplane in the world. From its first flight in 1969, the “Queen of the Skies” captivated the flying public. The plane’s size, power, and the trademark “hump” on the massive fuselage distinguish it from all other aircraft in the world.

The 747-400 is the most popular model of the iconic jumbo jet. The 747-400, which rolled out in 1988, incorporates technological advancements such as 6-foot winglets and a two-crew glass cockpit. Boeing has produced nearly 700 747-400s in a variety of configurations.

The Boeing Store Custom Hangar is pleased to present this artifact, which is as distinguished as the plane from which it comes. This jumbo floor lamp is constructed from a pair of genuine headlights from a retired 747-400. Our craftspeople removed the headlight assembly from the leading edge of the wing; smoothed and polished the metal surfaces; fitted it with a custom aluminum top cap and hot-rolled steel base plate; replaced the electrical transformers and wiring; and added two halogen sealed-beam headlights with adhesive window film on the surface to reduce brightness. The result is a sculptural piece with both practical function and historical significance.

For Gerardo Mores, buyer and product developer for the Boeing Store Custom Hangar, this lamp represents the beauty and historic significance of the 747. “There is nothing more impressive than looking out across the wing span of a 747,” he says. “The massive flaps and gracefully curved leading edges make these artifacts a natural for Custom Hangar designs.”

A Certificate of Authenticity is included with the lamp, which was made in the USA. It measures approximately 63 inches high by 33 inches wide by 17 inches deep and weighs 110 pounds. The purchase price is $7,500 (plus shipping and sales tax, where applicable).

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