Custom Hangar Spotlight: Be on the leading edge

Boeing Hangar bench_727

The Boeing Store Custom Hangar is proud to showcase this rare artifact. It is a functional bench constructed from an actual leading-edge slat from a retired Boeing 727-200 jetliner. Our craftspeople polished the slat to a satin finish and attached it to a base with legs custom-fabricated from 1/2″-thick polished aluminum to create a stunning piece with a rich history.

The iconic Boeing 727 was the most produced airliner of its time, the first to reach the 1,000-sales mark, and the first to carry 1 billion passengers. Boeing built more than 1,800 of the versatile trijets, including 310 stretched 727-200 versions.

The bench’s curved lines highlight the beauty inherent in good engineering. Gerardo Mores, buyer and product developer for the Custom Hangar, said, “This bench is definitely in my list of the top five items we’ve produced. It’s hard to image that after all of the flight-hours this piece has endured, the beauty and clean lines of the leading edge still shine through.”

The bench measures 86.5 inches long and 18 inches high and weighs 72 pounds. It was made in the United States and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Order now to ensure availability of this rare artifact.

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