Jet Snowflake Collection Launch


Our limited-edition Jet Snowflake designs are a Boeing holiday tradition. But how did it all start?

The Jet Snowflake was first developed as imagery for our holiday campaign by our graphic designer Jeff. The Jet Snowflake was designed in 2011 for the 2012 holiday season. Our merchandise team really liked the design and decided to use it as a basis for product design.

The most popular Jet Snowflake item is the ornament. This years ornament was produced by Reed & Barton. Now part of the Lenox Family, Reed & Barton is an American silversmith manufacturer based in Massachusetts – they have been crafting fine items since 1824.

Each year we take a different spin on the design – this year, the Jet Snowflake design is paired with a ruby red accent color to really bring out the holidays.

Here is what some of the Boeing Store merchandise team members had to say about the collection:

Jody, a merchandise developer, acknowledged her favorite product is the ornament – “It’s great to see the collection design change over the years.”

Heather, another merchandise developer, really likes the discovery of the design. “When people discover that it’s a design of airplanes, they are so excited. Customers love it and look forward to seeing it each season.”






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