Higher: 100 Years of Boeing

The first Boeing centennial-themed product will be released at the Boeing Stores on July 15, 2015, just in time to celebrate the company’s 99th anniversary and start the countdown to the 2016 centennial.

“Higher” is the story of the Boeing Company’s first hundred years, tracing its birth in a boathouse in Seattle through its ascent to become the world’s leading aerospace company.  The book is written for a general audience, so it is a fun, quick read that is intended to capture the company’s dramatic rise through the turbulent cycles of aerospace, the war years, the space race and beyond.  The story showcases how Boeing’s game-changing innovation helped to shape the last century.

Russ Banham has chronicled the history of nearly 25 companies. His award-winning books include The Ford Century, the international bestselling history of Ford Motor Company, and Rocky Mountain Legend, the national bestselling chronicle of the Coors brewing dynasty.

The Boeing Store will be selling the deluxe version of the book, which has 64 more pages of photos!

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